How it works
from you reading this, to reaching your goals.

methodology is more than the technical stuff.

& we want you to have a thorough and deep understanding of how we onboard, analyze and change the lives of each of our clients.
  • Step One: You read this website, or more specifically; this page. You get to soak up all the details of each service, each coach, and maybe learn a little along the way.. but we don't expect you to join our family just based on some data on a webpage.
  • Step Two: You contact us via the contact form below, the applications for each service, or by booking a call with us. Hell, you can even just shoot us a DM; we make it top priority to chat with each client in depth, especially if they have many questions or concerns. Our DM's are upkept perfectly, so you won't be ignored. Same goes for our emails and applications.  
  • Step Three: Regardless of your initial form of contact, we always get on the phone. A call, voice memos, text - whatever you're most comfortable with. This is where we get to illuminate your problem. Yes, you have a "problem", or at least something you "consider to be a problem". You wouldn't be seeking help in coaching form if you didn't, right? On our consultation, we dive in depth into your unique situation. We've helped hundreds of people, but never you - that means it's our job to learn about you to know we can serve you at the highest level possible! We ask some questions, review lots of data, and connect. Connecting with our clients is the most important. We pride ourselves on not treating anyone like  a dollar sign, you're humans; as are we, and we follow the golden rule. By the end of our call, we've clearly visualized your goal, and our goals together. Maybe we've created a roadmap already, for free, on how we plan to get there. We highlight that gap, and fill it with tentative action steps. There's nothing to lose by talking to us.
  • Step Four: Well, this is where it's all in your court my friend. Ideally, this is where we're able to create a commitment to you and the action plan we've organized. We shoot a couple emails to you, process payment, initialize our starting evaluation and by the time we've gotten off the phone, to this point, it's been maybe 24-48 hours; and now it's your time to thrive. No pressure, though; if you want to think on it after the call, that's perfectly fine. We don't pressure folks nor spam your email with sales inquiries. That's annoying, we just let you take what we've given you as tools so far and sleep on your next move.
  • Step Five (if you jump into the family): We begin working. We're a team, and in all truth, your coach is your employee. You have hired us to get you from Point A, to Point B, or maybe even Point Z. We begin implementing our initial protocols, adjust as needed over time, and no matter what; we're going to get to that next Point. I don't care if I need to outsource, research, or take a whole class to solve your problem, it's going to get solved, no if, ands or buts.

Sound good to you?

Let's get started. You've already crushed Step One; now it's time to move into Two!
All packages are auto renewed via Paypal on same day each month as you purchase your preferred package. Packages can be cancelled or changed at any time. No refunds on initial payments will be provided, refunds for recurring payments due to error or oversight will be given. Paypal credit is available!