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I want to promote you & help you gain some traction in your business 🍾♥️
At HBA&W, our motto is “#YouBelongHere”, and it’s my personal ethical responsibility to represent & stand for that mantra in any way I possibly can. As we hire staff and expand the business, I almost always (if possible) offer new positions in coaching, marketing, content development & the like to folks on the team already, who choose to apply for the available position. That being said, HBA is not a “huge” team, with a total of 130 or so clients. We don’t like to bite off more than we can chew and prioritize servicing the clients we do have at a top tier level vs simply growing the roster itself. We like to grow deep. Therefore, when we onboard new staff; there’s a limited selection of apps from w/in the team, and although it’s “easier” (since team members already understand & represent the mission we have so well), it makes representing minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, and otherwise a little tricky; since the application pool isn’t massive & widely diverse very often.
So I want to do something about that.
I want to promote, support and help market for those brands who support & align w/ the HBA mantra, who are minority/LGBTQ+/women owned! Therefore, I've created this page on our website to promote, collaborate and share businesses that represent diversity, inclusion and exemplify our mantra that we stand behind and support ourselves.
Below you will find our entire list of collaborative businesses, and I highly encourage you check them out (might mean special discounts for you!)

xx, @hannahbeefit



I am a life coach who empowers individuals to become their best selves. I do this by guiding my clients towards their intuition, providing them with effective coping mechanisms and by taking a holistic approach to life coaching. I meet with my clients to discuss their goals, and then support them through the process of achieving them during each meeting!


Kristen McInerney

"I support individuals through their unique process of self development by teaching them to how to consistently show up for themselves and embrace empowerment in order to achieve their goals."

Women Owned


Fit Fueled Feisty LLC

I help recovering perfectionists reconnect to their bodies and form healthy habits without obsession, BS, or judgement. That means it’s my job as the professional to help these folks trust and love their bodies again. So often, the fitness world feels exclusive and transformation based. Here, we are experience-based. I help you learn what you truly love and hit your goals while doing so. FFF is queer and woman owned and operated, and serves those who need a place to feel safe while moving again.



"The radical fitness movement: feminist, body positive, bullshit free.  I offer personal training, small group training, and group fitness!"

LGBTQ+ Owned